Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new (sewing machine, that is).

So for anyone following along with my posts, one of the most recent ones described a battle with my Brother LX-3125 and its affinity for inappropriate thread tension. 

Since I spent so little on the machine to begin with ($115 from Walmart), and considering that it had probably never been designed to handle the amount of rigorous sweat-shop sewing I was asking of it, I decided that replacement (rather than repair) would be the economical option.

I consider the LX-3125 to be a great beginner mechanical machine (as far as my limited experience goes). I think it just wasn't up for the challenge of my new found sewing obsession, and hence, kicked the bucket pretty early on in our relationship.

Luckily for me, Walmart has a 90 day return policy. Hard to believe I've been sewing for less than 90 days! I've done so many projects and accumulated such a collection of fabric that some would think I've been at it for years. But, no. 

And despite my usual habit of losing receipts rapidly, and even despite DestructoDog's penchant for chewing important ones, I still had the golden ticket in my wallet - WIN.

Kudos to Mama C who recommended I return the machine in the first place. Great idea!

Anyways, not long after returning my faithful friend, I was rigorously scanning reviews online for who, ahem, what machine would be my replacement. My challenge was to find a reasonably affordable (I am a student after all) novice machine with some extra features than I'd been used to with my basic Brother.

The dilemma for me was choosing between Singer and Brother. While Singers have been around for soooo long, hence demonstrating their quality and appeal to the sewing masses, I had learned on a Brother, and so I hear through online reviews, they can put out a pretty mean sewing machine at a decent price.

I had my mind set on the Singer Fashion Mate 7256 when I ventured out today. But lo and behold, a new machine was there that I had not been aware of - a Brother SQ 9050. 

Frantically I scanned reviews online - I had not been prepared to make additional decisions but now this option was looking quite good! Computerized, automatic needle threader (!), 100 built in stitches and embroidery features, quilting table AND ability to embroider letters! 

The kicker - a start/stop BUTTON - forget that foot pedal!
 Haha DestructoDog! Never again will you lay on my pedal and have my projects at your whim!
Long story short, this adorable purple machine won me over (surprised?). 

I'm looking forward to a long and happy relationship. 

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on how it's going. 

So far, together we have finished Ms. Cho's darling laptop sleeve that had been patiently awaiting completion. Smooth as satin and much quieter than my last machine, I see a bright future for us.

I must admit however, the computerized models give me some creeps because at least with my little mechanical machine, I felt like if all else failed I could take the bugger apart and fiddle with its insides. I worry this is not the case with this machine. But hopefully we will never come to that.

And, with Brother's 25 year warranty and supposedly (?) good support service, I hope we won't run into any problems anytime soon. After all, there is that 90 day return policy :)

I have fiddled with some of the decorative stitches and it has done nothing good for my Pinterest habit. I now have a short (ahem, long) list of projects that will have to wait until I can evict the Mr. from the office. I'll just have to sew sew sew when he's not around :)

Projects on my list so far (at least a few of them):
  • Adorable pin cushions (there's a few I've pinned on my Pinboards!)
  • Sewing machine caddy (I'm thinking a purple theme to go with the machine (haha, again I'm sure most aren't surprised). However, this is not matching my current machine cover, so there may be a do-over of that.)
  • Knitting project bags (one or two, who knows?)
  • iPad case for Ms. Chaudry complete with all of her ideas for pockets and gizmos
  • Earbud case
  • iPad sleeve for the Mr.
That reminds me, I didn't post about my iPad case I made! I may have to make another one because the one I've been using has gotten a bit dirty now and isn't fit for photos. I'll check to see if I have any photos of it from when I was making it. 

The iPads were our 1st Anniversary gifts to ourselves. A little early, yes. Ok, really early. Maybe we have impulse control issues. Nonetheless, great gifts to us.

Goodness gracious, that's coming up fast. Traditionally, the first anniversary is the "paper" anniversary. Kind of lame, but kind of inspirational as well. Since we've already bought our iPads, we have challenged eachother to come up with creative ideas that use the theme of paper. 

Stay tuned for posts about that! I have a couple idears up my sleeve but you'll have to wait because it's a surprise for the Mr. And he obviously reads this blog, right honey? RIGHT?!

A latte love,


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