Sunday, March 11, 2012

There's something really special about Sundays.

Good morning!
Ahhh, Sundays. 

Little Miss. Thing felt like being especially pretty today and wanted to wear her adorable pink knitted sweater. I told her that maybe someday I would knit her another pretty sweater. That could be a long ways away though, because I only know how to knit flat things so far. Haha.

I love Sundays. Around our house, we use Sundays for getting chores done, cleaning, laundry, etc. Sounds like no fun, but somehow it brings me a sense of calm to get ready for the week ahead.

This upcoming week I'm starting an elective in Geriatrics. I think it's going to be a mix of hospital time and clinic time, so right up my alley. I'll be doing fall assessments and med reviews like a boss by the end of it, if all goes well.

So as promised, wanted to post some pictures of the cute laptop sleeve I made for Ms. Cho. I absolutely love the pattern, and wanted to embellish it with a little jewel. And as the first project I completed with my new partner-in-crime, I believe it deserves an honorary post on the blog :)

Love love this pattern!

Old necklace bead gets new lease on life :)
 And, as per my last post, I did dig up some pictures of the iPad case I made for myself (before it became somewhat dirty and not fit for photos). Here they are:

The case had been in use for a few weeks already and so it's looking a little raggedy in the pictures. And as the prototype of this self-made design, it turned out a little less finished than I would  have liked. But it's served it's function so far and protected my new little time-waster pretty well.  

This project was also my first attempt at buttonholes! On my last machine, there was only a four-step manual buttonhole option...On my new machine - 7 versions of AUTOMATIC 1-step buttonholes. It's just too much.

So the packing is fully underway for the big move to Small Town, Ab. The days are counting down - I'm to start in clinic there on April 10th. I've sold quite a few pieces of furniture on Kijiji, but still have a bunch we need to get rid of. The photos are off the walls, there's boxes piling up in what used to be our dining room, and this move is becoming very real. Humph.

It's funny that when you realize you're going to be leaving somewhere, all of a sudden, you wonder why you didn't do certain things before. For example, our dining room gets beautiful sunlight and was freshly painted in a nice mushroom shade when we moved in. WHY oh WHY did I not use it as a sewing room? I see the most beautiful sewing rooms on Pinterest (be damned!), so naturally I regret not using the space for it's potential while we were here.

Oh well. The Mr. has promised that "we should be able to make you a nice room like that someday" after I suggested he check out some of my pins. He's really something wonderful, isn't he? 

Baby blanket progress
The blankie is well underway! I've completed about 6 squares so far in pretty shades. Here are some pictures and info about the patterns I've used thus far.

Sq #1 - Easy peasy - simply K2, P2. 
Sq #2 - R1: K. R2: K1, P1. Repeat.

Sq #3 - Pennant stitch
R1: K ; R2: K1, P4 ; R3: K3, P2
R4: K3, P2 ; R5: K1, P4; R6: K

Sq#4 - K2, P4, K6, P4, K2
Sq#5 - Moss stitch (I think?).
R1: K1,P1. R2:P1, K1. Repeat.
Sq#6 in progress - same as Sq#2
I estimate I'll probably need only about 60 or so more. No big deal. -_- 
I'm having fun with it so far. I can't wait to use up these balls of yarn so I can get some more pretty colours to add to the blanket. I'm thinking some light purples, maybe yellows. I also found a really pretty white sparkly yarn! I don't really care for gendering babies through colour, so I'm not really paying any mind to whether it looks "boy-ish" or "girl-ish". 

Oh, I also completed my scarf. It's probably not as long as it should be but I got bored and wanted to start on the bebe blankie. It's also a bit itchy. Should've used a softer yarn. 

Anyways, I clearly should be doing more regular blog posts because the ones I've been posting are getting longer and longer! I just have so much to catch up on I guess!

Until next time.

A latte love,


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