Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The times, they are a-changin.

Life isn't quite the same without my sewing machine back in working order. I have had to find other things to do. I have emailed a repair shop and was quoted at repairs costing more than my machine originally cost. I love my Brother, but I just don't know if he's worth that much! This has been somewhat traumatizing.

However, starting my new elective in Family Therapy has been very exciting and so far very interesting. I feel like I can get used to this whole 9-to-5 deal (haha, except this has been more of a 10-to-4 deal - really rough, I know). Go to clinic, see patients, come home, eat dinner and socialize with the Mr., do yoga and assorted other hobbies GUILT FREE. So far, amazing.

So all in all, the first two days of clerkship haven't been what they were originally predicted to be, they've been better!
I worry though that there is a serious degree of spoiling going on, and by that I mean, I'm being incredibly spoiled by this first elective. While some of my classmates are slaving away (and by slaving, I mean really, like full-on 12-14 hour shifts), being pimped relentlessly and assigned multiple "light reading" assignments (which are never really light), I'm happily blogging, relaxing, cooking, cleaning and the activity which has been the most dreaded for me lately - packing. Ugh. Even saying it sucks.

So being that my sewing machine has been under the weather (see post regarding thread tension - still grumbling) , and at a loss of what to do with myself with all of this new-found free time, I figured I needed another hobby that would make me more like a 75 year old woman.  So I had Ms. Cho teach me how to knit.

And knit I have been doing. But just knitting, no purling, no curling, no bla bla bla that I don't understand. Just knit, knit, knit, knit. Repetitive, and mindless. In my opinion, perfect for my restless mind.

My first "scarf" is about 2.5 feet long now, and I'm just waiting for the final ball of yarn to finish (when will it ever ennnndddddd?).

My next project: a baby blanket for our first born.
Haha, I figure it will take me about that long to make it, that by the time it's finished, we might actually be considering having kids.

I've already bought the yarn and I'm going to use it as a way to learn new stitches and stuff. I will post updates of this proposed blankie as it becomes a reality.

Knitting is a great hobby though because you can do it while doing other things - like watching TV, waiting for the kettle to boil, listening to music, etc. And so far, the Mr. has been accepting enough of my lightly tapping needles during our new addiction to True Blood.

We're on Season 2. We're addicted. It's bad. This new free time is doing nothing for my productivity.

Oh! Also picked up the beautiful teacup sets that Seester and I painted during the surprise birthday weekend. They turned out so pretty! I'll post pictures as soon as I'm not lazy and craving a glass of wine.

Mr. is home now. Time to relax and unwind.

A latte love,


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  1. We think the baby blanket is a great second project idea, We have a pink and a blue fishing pole also to go with it someday and its collecting dust right now ...!! lol keep blogging we love your writing. xoxo tell Deedoo we got the package.