Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be a warrior, not a worrier.

I still might sew though. And probably yoga.

I have decided to compile some rules for myself. These rules come from my experiences during the last few months, which I have jokingly (/seriously) called "my quarter life crisis".

C's Rules for Mental Health:

1. Don't think too much. You'll create problems that never existed.
2. Walk the dog. Do yoga. Or both.

That's pretty much it. At least all I've come up with so far. A pretty simple prescription, I'd say. They may seem basic, but they've done wonders for me over the last few weeks. 

There's a lot that can be said for the practice of not thinking. Try it sometime.

I'm going to work really hard on them over the next few weeks, as the Big Move is coming up soon and the majority of clerkship (major stress inducers). I will perfect them!
Good idear.

Last night I did a mere 30 minutes of yoga. I forgot how good it felt to be in touch with my body and stretch out the stress. I will commit to doing this at least 3 times each week, if not every day. 
I found myself craving it again today, and feel it again right now. So you can pretty well guess what I'm doing after this post!

Anyways, what happened today...

Started 8am for Grand Rounds on the potential sex differences in efficacy of cardioprotective medications in patients with Diabetes. Interesting idea, and I'm curious to see if the research shows any evidence when completed. Also learned that women and men tend to "use" their physicians differently - whereas women tend to visit their physicians while healthy or in early sickness (more as preventative health care), men tend to see their doctors when they're sick only. I think I probably could have told them that. But curious, nonetheless.

Then went to finish a consult on a very nice gentleman presenting with some memory problems and a tremor. I think my consult was pretty comprehensive, and I felt happy with it :) YAY for learning!

Went to Fabricland after "work" and picked up some cute coordinating fabrics for my new Christmas gift projects (that shall remain nameless!). Also bought some new double-wide bias tape.

I have to say that after becoming acquainted online with designer fabrics from Michael Miller, etc, I have a hard time picking out fabrics at just any old fabric store now. I've moved into the world of online fabric ordering, and it could get dangerous! I've been mostly on Fabric.com so far, and will report back with my reviews if I end up ordering from there! So far, I've been disappointed that most of the fabrics I love are out of stock :(  

OH and I must report! This is ground breaking.


However, it was only for $188. For 2 weeks. A grand sum for the hours I put in. Ya. Right.
Works out to about $2.42 an hour. I believe it's supposed to cover parking, and probably life blood (read: coffee).

I might use it for something more fun. Like makeup or shoes. Those are necessities right? :)

A latte love, 


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