Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sewing saves lives. At least, mine.

Addendum to above: There is nothing a glass of wine, a flat iron, and a sewing machine can't fix. Humph.
The last two days in my first hospital-based elective ever have proven what I already pretty much thought I knew.

#1. I don't hate (because hate is a very strong word) hospitals. But I do strongly dislike hospitals.
(And don't be all "Well, I'd say you've chosen the wrong profession bla bla" because I didn't say I don't like medicine, I said I don't like hospitals. Big ones. With lots of people. And lots of egos. I like small ones, and clinics. And friendly preceptors. Who know how to teach.)

#2. I am a very little fish
In a very big, wide, deep, sea with lots of sharks. And piranhas. And the occasional other nice little petrified fish too. When we see each other, we wave frantically and smile, wishing back a piece of our old lives when we were safe and sound in lecture.

And the one thing I definitely already knew:

#3. I know next to nothing.

But, all is not lost my friends! Because I still have more than a whole year of this. :S

To remedy my overwhelming feelings of self-inadequacy, I decided to bond with my new sewing machine of course (which is in desperate need of a name), get in touch with my creative side, and remind myself that there is something I know how to do. These last two days of "real" clerkship/work/hell are making me tired and so I didn't have much energy for a finicky project, and wanted to pretty much wrap it up in like oh, 20 minutes.

Medical school has given me a very little attention span. Med school ADD? "Blame it on my ADD, baby!" (For those of you wondering what that was, it was Sail by Awolnation). 

Anyways, here's what I came up with. It's pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.
It's a knitting project bag for those of you who are wondering. Which pretty much equates to a little fabric bag. That you put a knitting project in. 
Hence, knitting project bag :)

I've been wanting to make a project bag for sometime, considering anything that appears yarn-like or ball-like or ball-of-yarn-like is targeted for destruction by the one and only. You all know him and love him. 

Although I don't think the cuteness or softness of this bag will deter him from his ruinous habits, I do hope it will prevent him from knowing what's hiding inside - yarn and knitting projects. Berry sneaky, I know. :)

It's just about big enough for one little project. It's perfect for the blankie construction. I have been meaning to use this pretty little bird/bug/flower fabric since I purchased it from my faithful Fabricland over a month ago. I used my beloved technique of box corners to give it just a wee bit of structure.


Box corners + ribbon = great project bag!

That little project was just what I needed! The sunny little material and tiny birds (did I mention I have a new addiction to birds on fabric?) - just perfect. After this post, and with permission from DD (DestructoDog), I may even complete my mental health prescription with some yoga. Ahhhhh.

Anyways, got my schedule for my low-risk obstetrics elective coming up (yippee!), and *cue scary dun dun dun*, I have my first 12 hour shift. AHHH.
And on our first year anniversary! What luck!

If I didn't love welcoming little wonders into the world, I'd be complaining more. But it's at least a really good reason to be away from the Mr. on the anniversary of our nuptials.

I've been informed of some "interesting" plans the Mr. has come up with for our anniversary celebration on the weekend prior to our One Year. I'm curious as to whether they have anything to do with paper. I'll be sure to report back.

My anniversaire ideas have been slightly thwarted by the recent notice of my rotation schedule (see above paragraphs), so plans are currently being revamped :)

Ps. This is NOT my photo -
Kudos to the photog,
and please don't sue me
for copyright infringement.
K thx!

I totally love this idea that I found on Pinterest:
You take a photo every year on your anniversary to show how you're changing (read: getting older and wrinklier) together. 

Charming and romantic. I have to check with the Mr. if he'd want to, and perhaps we'll do this too :)

Cute, no?

I also wanted to share the most adorable little Le Sportsac bag I picked up last night on a retail therapy trip with Ms. Cho. I needed something small and cross-body to carry around the bare essentials on rounds. Might as well inject a little personality into that place, right? 
So what better than the little adorable Scotty dogs adorning this completely lovely little bag.
It's called the Kasey. (This picture doesn't really do the bag justice but it'll do).
Love love love. Makes clerkship funner.

Well, by the grumbling and groaning coming from the big black furry, I should probably wrap this up.

A latte love,


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