Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty just got practical.

K? Humph.
So in follow up to my last blog post, this hospital elective hasn't improved much. I have a certain level of frustration with people who don't like to communicate properly, for example, like telling someone when to meet, where to meet or anything else important. However, I'm not sure whether it's the actual hospital I am not enjoying, or perhaps the poor communication skills of the people I am working with. One more week though, and then onto baby deliveries! Woo hoo!

Today was a bit better, as I feel like I'm finally settling in to this new foreign environment. I've also realized that one of the keys to belonging in a hospital is acting like you belong there, instead of being what you really are - scared shitless and with little clue as to what you're doing. I wonder (and worry) if maybe this is what most people do there.

Anyways, again to remedy my overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, I took to sewing last night.

We also relocated my sewing area to the dining room (genius!) with a big bar height table and great lighting all. to. my. self. Amazing! The Mr. was studying and I was just happily sewing away all at the same time! I'm going to be the most productive little sew-er for the next 2-3 weeks before we make the Big Move to Small Town, Ab.   

So, I'd been meaning to make a sewing caddy for sometime. I became inspired when I was constantly losing my scissors, the lid to my tailor's marker and constantly fumbling to keep my pins from falling off my desk. 

I saw this one from and thought I could come up with something similar. (That blog is fantastic by the way!)

So, after DD had his way with my traditional tomato pin cushion a month or so back (those are tomatoes right? Hmm...maybe they're apples or something.), I forever kept my pins locked up. I realize now that I may have just provided him with an even cuter and more tempting pin cushion, but at least now it's adorable for the time being. Nonetheless, here it is:

This was pre-sewing-move (you can see how crowded I was - ick!)

Well, hello little adorable owl pincushion.

Pretty and in the words of the Mr, "practical".

Oh, is that my first use of a decorative stitch
from my new machine? Oui madame!
I have given up on the idea of doing tutorials on these projects because
1. I have no time to write them;
2. I have no patience to write them. 

Fair? OK, so just check out the link above and head to How Joyful's tutorial if you wanna try to make a caddy yourself.

It has been very helpful thus far as well. The multiple pockets that are different heights work great to keep my big and small scissors, my marker, measuring tape and the little collection of accessories that came with my machine, including the walking and free quilting foot.

Other projects were completed last evening as well, but I will only share one here. The other will most likely be repeated for Christmas gifts, so I can't share it here!

But, The Little Stink needed a new king-worthy bed for his crate after an unfortunate and traumatic toenail-caught-in-bed experience that caused the Mr. to promptly dispose of that treacherous crate pad. I promised a replacement in a dog-friendly fabric, stuffed to the max with cozy cotton for The Little Stink's sore joints. Voila!

Crappy picture, but you get the picture. Haha.

King dog palace.
Anyways, I think some yoga is in order. I've been craving it for sometime now and I need to get back into it. The furries are quiet tonight, and Destructo has taken kindly to my new location in the dining room. The tile floors are nice and cool, and so he parks himself under my chair and sleeps like a baby.

I hesitate to say it and jinx it, but maybe his puppy days are coming to an end? Please?

Must go look up depression in renal transplant patients now. I mean, do yoga. 

A latte love,


Oh, PS. I'm always seeing "64 visitors" or "47 visitors" but I have no idea who is visiting! So please, comment if you can :)

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