Monday, February 20, 2012

What a stressful morning.

Warning: the diagram above makes this whole concept seem simpler than it apparently is.

Don't laugh when I tell you that I have spent the last two hours trying to bring my faithful Brother LX3125 sewing machine back from the depths of thread tension hell.

Here I was, just happily sewing along with that mysterious dial factory set at 4, never before considering thread tension when disaster struck.

I was nearing completion of an adorable laptop sleeve for Ms. Cho when everything went haywire. Thread on the bottom flap of the sleeve began to look pulled, stitches became uneven, my life unraveled!

I speak of this in such dramatic terms because it has essentially brought creative production to a screaming halt. The laptop sleeve sits unfinished and my hair is frazzled. Help me!

I frantically have been reading articles and watching video tutorials about the mystery that is thread tension, but no life saving maneuvers have been successful thus far. This is devastating to me.

If anyone knows anything about thread tension, please come to my house and save my Brother. The growth of my creative neurons is becoming stunted!

I've taken to eating Fudge-O truffles to calm my nerves. I've taken the machine apart, cleaned what I could reach, and even did what has probably sealed my fate - I adjusted the bobbin tension. I probably shouldn't have because now I can't remember where it was originally. 

Brother and I might be taking a trip to a sewing repair shop soon :(

A very sad,


  1. hope you fix it soon sees, nash needs some leg warmers ! lol

  2. i hate messing with thread tension!! i hope you get it fixed!!