Sunday, February 19, 2012

My floors are not dirty - it's my dogs' paw art.

Ha, keep calm is right.

If I'm lucky, I'll get through this blog post without some significant grumbling and whining and pawing and chewing of socks. DevilDog's tolerance for me sitting and doing something that does not include entertaining him is very limited, usually to only one post per day/one craft project. So I must choose wisely. 

This dog is giving me grey hair.  

Anyways, I promised I would post proof that my canine children are clearly budding Picassos. Ahem, Paw-cassos.
In fact, if you combine "paw arteest" with "search and rescue extraordinaire (glow balls only)" and "ultimate destroyer of expensive things like Lulu Lemon hats", DevilDog's resume is becoming quite impressive. 

Actually, with his more recent antics, his name may be upgraded to DestructoDog to more accurately characterize him.

These projects were done when Seester was down, so I must provide credit where it's due. This is definitely a two, if not three-person job, depending on your particular canine Pawcasso.

We purchased small art canvasses from the Dollar Giant and some washable, non-toxic paint for this project. The whole thing came in under $5. 

If you notice, Ruru's is a bit different. This is due to the technique that you use to produce your paw art. We found that actually painting the paint onto the pads only of the paws works best. 

If you just dunk the paw in the paint and then plop it down on the canvas, you get more of a reverse-paw image, where the paint is mostly in the furry in-between parts, and pushed out from underneath the actual pads. 

Totally your prerogative, but I prefer the paint-on-pads technique - gives a more clear paw print.

Have fun with your own Pawcassos!

A latte love,


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  1. That was so funny when Whims Bit me too!!! hahah They look great though, I cant wait to do mine, gonna start with Nash I think lol