Wednesday, January 25, 2012

French toast and the fur team.

Saturday morning, while I was intending to study of course, I happened to notice that our bedroom was bathed in a beautiful bright light - was that sun? Holy moly!

Being that we live in FreezingColdBigCity, Ab, we had been suffering from a particularly cold period of weather - the likes of which we'd never lived through in our home towns, and the kind of cold that makes your eyeballs freeze in your very head and you stay inside all day if you can. Even DevilDog refused to go outside - he'd poke his head out the back door and No fricken way

Anyways, on this particularly beautiful sunny morning, Prince Charming had gotten a craving for french toast. Not being a huge french toast connoisseur myself, while he busied himself in the kitchen with the usual french toast suspects (eggs, milk, cinnamon, sugar, syrup), I got to taking photos of the furbabes with my camera.

While I love my camera (Olympus Pen E-PL1), I have yet to really master all of its mysterious this-and-that functions, so I just set that baby to AUTO - my favourite setting.

I had just dressed up our bed in it's new pillow covers that I made, but that honestly had nothing to do with the photo shoot hehehe.

New pillow covers -  yeah!
Despite TheBigMove coming up in April which I dread, our bed pillows were much too vulnerable to dog-dirtying in their uncovered state. 
So of course, a journey to Fabricland yielded some beautiful home decor-weight fabric remnants which had been dying to become pillow covers.
 Thanks to Ms. Cho for all her help picking them out!
The rosette pillow was Anthropologie inspired - you can find the blog of how to make it here (The Gilded Hare).
The pillow behind the rosette pillow is made in what is now my absolute favourite fabric - apparently called Toile de Joie (spelling is definitely wrong). 
I love how these pillows turned out, and will definitely be bringing them to SmallTown, Ab. 

Some introductions of my furry family members:

This is Miss. Thing (Whimsey), who goes by various other names as well (we love nicknames in our house). 
Other names for Whimsey include: Bims, Miss. Bims, Little Miss. Thing, Princess, Miss. Princess, Bimsay, Whimsey Bimsleton, Princess Whims, Pretty Miss. Thing.
We adopted Miss. Thing in August, 2010.
She is my idea of what a histrionic personality disorder in a dog would be like. 

The Little Stink, AKA Rudy.
Not sure why he got Little Stink as a nickname, although lately he sure is living up to it (as The Hubs can probably confirm!). Similarly goes by multiple nicknames including Ruru, Rudimeer, Ham, Stinky Ham, Mr. Stink, Little Prince, Tooty Walrus, Rudicus Maximus Yorkus, among others.
Rudy is our adopted puppy-mill survivor. At a whopping 6.5lbs and 10 years of wisdom, Little Stink spent 7 years in a puppy mill as a stud. As a result, he came out about 10 years older in health, probably 15 teeth-less (only 2 left) and with an adorable tongue that just refuses to go back in his little gummie mouth. 
Now with his lung medication and Advair 2x day, he's feeling just like a pup again.

Ryker, AKA DevilDog.
Being that we've had Ryker for only about 3 months now, his list of nicknames isn't as impressive as the other two. He's a year old and 50 lbs of pure energy in Border Collie and Lab(?) form. We're not sure. We are sure that he's an all-black genius who is currently learning how to fetch a beer from the fridge for The Hubs, adding to his already impressive resume of obedience behaviours (I refuse to call them tricks). He is still only a year old and hence has a collection of irritating and teenage quirks - such as constantly putting Miss. Thing's head in his mouth, arguing incessantly when asked to go to his bed and lay down, amongst other fun things. 

Well there's the team of fur. 

As one of my fridge magnets says - "Pets are just like kids, but without the stretch marks." Touche, my friend, too true.
Here are a couple of my other favourite pictures from that sunny photo shoot:

Little paws
Big paws

DevilDog (Currently missing some hair around eyes and on nose due to mange :()

The Little Stink

I love these pillows, Mom

What are you doing up there, Mom? Why am I not up there with you?

The sniffer.

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  1. Good read and beautiful pics of the fur babies Carly!
    Toile de Jouy