Thursday, January 26, 2012

Challenge: Take pretty pictures of my crafts

So this being my first venture into serious blogging, and the fact that I want to showcase my early sewing projects on the blog to share with the wide world, I need to learn how to capture their true essence on film. 

In other words, I need to take better pictures than what I have of them now. I simply cannot post them here for the world to scrutinize when they are not showing their true potential.

This is going to take some work however. 

One of my favourite blogs, Dog Under My Desk has a post about photo lighting and how to use your camera, where she offers some awesome tips about getting that perfect picture. You can read that post here.

So until I have mastered these beautiful photos, you will not be seeing any of my past crafts on the blog. 

However, it is my intention to get them up asap - probably this weekend, after all of the OSCE madness is gone and I've recovered from my post-exam wine flu. 

Now for my first London Fog, made by Essa.


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