Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adorable hair pins are a must-have accessory.

It's a sunny day. A beautiful sunny day and I decided that while I still have the choice before succumbing to the slavery of clerkship, I would blow off my adult responsibilities today and indulge my crafting appetites.

I knew this was not going to happen if DevilDog was not sufficiently tuckered out for some peace and quiet to exist in this household. And considering a bizarre dream I had of him last night biting the head off of a hummingbird, I thought maybe I should drain his buckets of energy to prevent any potential decapitations.
Let's play! All. the. time!
Our newest game is Hide and Seek. He is absolutely in love with this clear ball which glows multiple different colours - it doesn't even have to be turned on and he loves it. So I have him wait in the bedroom and I close the door. Depending on how much he has been terrorizing the house that day, I hide the ball somewhere easy, or somewhere hard. We've graduated to me hiding it anywhere in the house now. I release the beast, and the game is on.

He will look frantically around the house and has gotten so good at finding the ball, that I have to hide it in progressively more difficult spots, and when he finds it I cheer and clap my hands to keep him encouraged. I think he's a search and rescue dog in the making! As long as what is being rescued is a glow ball. 

This is an excellent way to tire out working breeds like Border Collies, I think. Within 15 minutes, he's panting and tuckered out, and all the while I've been able to be productive in between the hidings. This is also my favourite new game - maximum results for minimum efforts.

While pinning yesterday, I came across the SewMuchAdo blog and her tutorial on making knock-offs of these adorable brocco bobbies from Anthropologie. Being that I have yet to experiment making fabric yoyos, I decided to give them a shot. You can follow her great tutorial by clicking above.

What fun! I have accumulated a large assortment of fabric remnants since my love affair with sewing began, and thought this was an excellent way to use them up AND make adorable accessories :)

They're also SO easy to make. Even for you, Seester. :)

Here are the ones I've made. I will put up a picture of me wearing them as soon as my hair is presentable. Which considering my mood today, probably won't be today. But stay tuned!

I also finished some great pillow covers for a girlfriend today, to match her vanity bench and storage box for her bedroom. The fabric is just great - TREES!

What was a lonely, bland storage bench becomes...

A beautiful re-upholstered vanity seat :)
I'm clearly unstoppable with a staple gun in hand. I even have a blister on my palm to prove that I didn't ask Mr. C to do it for me. My mind is spinning with what I can do with it next. 

I've also begun taking pictures of my past projects to be posted on here, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

What should these become?
A latte love,


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