Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's three days before my certifying OSCE, so naturally...

So naturally, I want to make a blog. Amongst other things.

Call it procrastination. Call it self-handicapping

I call this Pre-Exam Syndrome.

Makes me think of those terrible hypochondriac-creating commercials on TV, asking "Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?" Dun, dun, dun.

Well, if any of the following sound familiar to you, you too may be suffering from Pre-Exam Syndrome (PES - not to be confused with PMS):
  • Unprovoked and uncontrollable NEED to watch entire seasons of shows, have full-length movie marathons, and/or bake cookies/pies/quiche/other complicated food from scratch;
  • OCD-type compulsions in which your bedroom, fridge, office, box of childhood memories and closet need a thorough cleaning, organizing and beautify-ing;
  • Impulsive yet extremely necessary shopping trips in which excessive amounts of money are spent with somewhat little regard for your already ginormous student debt;
  • Sporadic periods of ambivalence towards test material ("It's not that much") sprinkled in with tiny panic attacks ("Holy insert curse word of choice, I need to study or I might die");
  • Lack of maintenance of personal hygiene and/or hypervigilance to appearance (ie. new onset exercising regimes, different nail polish every day, etc) (Ms. Cho, I'm looking at you)
  • "Justified" poor eating habits OR dramatic undertakings of new-age-great-ways-to-eat diets.
  • Urge to start a blog.

So whichever way you look at it, I have it. 

I intend to write a blog about all of the things I do/love/make. This includes my love of crafting and sewing, my constant battle with DevilDog (aka Ryker, whom I love dearly, of course) to convince him that my craft and sewing projects are actually not chew toys (in fact, neither are his brother and sister), my experiences as a new (and to any preceptors, I mean really new) medical professional, and details about my wonderful life with my Prince Charming. 
As well as all things furry, fun, creative and crafty that I love and want to share.

I'm new to the blogging world and so will be learning as I go.

Sounds good? Stick around, I'll try to keep posting regularly. 
Sounds lame? Well, no one invited you anyways.


  1. I think if I become a psychiatrist I'll have to make a motion to have this diagnosis placed in the newest version of the DSM. I would also like to call the hypervigilence to hygiene and beauty "Cho's sign" - including but not limited to fabulous nails and full make up application at 1am.

  2. You are probably the most amazing person I know, Just Sayin. xoxo

  3. I am diagnosing myself with PES, hence why I am reading your blog.. I have an assignment due Friday!! Love Linds!!