Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dogs will tell you things in ways only they can.

I think things like this happening to me are the universe's way of saying "Your life is not interesting enough for a blog, so here you go."

Way before I began this blog and my journey of making and creating, my very first creative project was this beautiful and functional jewellery organizer.

I love my organizer much more than my previous one (which was a shoebox) as it so beautifully displayed everything without tangles or messes. 

I should say, I loved this organizer.

Today my PIC and I spent a good chunk of our day studying for our exams tomorrow at the small coffee shop in town, which happens to be one of two coffee shops. Once we finished studying, we decided we would have dinner together and so down I went with my pot of pasta and box of 6 remaining Oreos, oh, about an hour or two ago.

Now since moving to Small Town, my beloved organizer was left lying on the bedroom floor as I am "not allowed" to put nails in the walls.  Typically, I leave all the doors to the rooms with carpet closed while I'm away to prevent fur and whatnot from being in those rooms. 

This time, I apparently forgot to close my bedroom door.

I'll just get right to the punchline:

Do you see what I see?

Just in case you don't see it, here's a closer view.

What's brown and stinky and is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY JEWELLERY RACK?

At this point in time, I'd like to thank my two furry devil children for whoever deposited this little gem onto my beloved jewellery organizer and sealed its fate.

I have an idea of which furchild it was, but the other must've been an accomplice to the plan, and so I'm mad at them both for right now. 

Must be their way of telling me they really don't like to be left up here while I'm happily dining with my PIC downstairs.

So, the last 40 minutes or so were spent trying to both clean and detangle the majority of my necklaces and earrings that were fouled by this act of rebellion.

No big deal. Nothing I was really going to do anyways. Humph.

A latte irritation,


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  1. Bahahahaha!! that is hilarious and I feel for you at the same you have some brown just kidding.
    Husband, xoxo love you