Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Butter knife = screw driver

Also, unrelated to this post.
I am well aware of the fact that neither the following blog post, nor the activities described herein constitute studying in any way. (But in my defense, I really hate studying and spent much of the afternoon studying already (minus that hour I spent napping)).

I have made something that is both budget friendly, practical and helps you have nice hair!

Bottom line -I have made something! YAY!

I have heard more and more about these "curling wands" girls are using lately. I really have no idea how they are different from curling irons or if it even makes a difference, but naturally, I want one.

However, due to the strict (and I mean really strict) budget The Mr. and I are currently trying to maintain, a $150 new curling wand just didn't quite make the cut.

Ingenuity is the sister of budgeting however (haha, whatever that's supposed to mean).

I just happened to have this lowly little curling iron lying around, not doing a whole lot of anything. 

Mission: remove top holder thingy that holds the hair down. 

Voila, DIY curling wand!

Let's get started.

First problem I encountered is the fact that I have yet to acquire my own set of handy screwdrivers (I'm sure you're surprised), and this house seems completely devoid of such tools. 

So, what is a girl to do without a screwdriver or a Husband around?

Be creative of course!

Well, the big screws holding on the holder thingy came off easy enough with the infamous butter knife, in my opinion, an invaluable tool and the woman's universal screwdriver (Phillips? Flat head? Allen key? Who the heck is Allen anyways? Bah! Let's not get bogged down in the details!)

Next step was removal of the spring. This apparatus had a smaller, less accessible screw attaching it, so on went the hunt for an even more appropriate tool to remove said screw. However this time, despite my thorough hunt through the house for any object/utensil/tool/bobby pin/earring/steak knife/hemostats/scissors/tweezers, the spring remains.

You may have won the battle spring, but you won't win the war. Wait until I get The Mr. out here with a real screw driver. Then we'll see who's boss.

Again, let's not get bogged down in the details.

Of course, I needed to test out my new tool immediately, with or without the presence of the pesky spring. 

Yes, I am aware that not only am I supposed to be studying, but I have absolutely no need to have beautiful curly hair for either tonight or tomorrow because I have the day off (to do the same thing I've successfully avoided tonight, which is study). 

But who really needs a reason to have pretty hair anyways? Besides, this is a new innovation and who knows how it will turn out!

The first challenge to using the curling wand was learning how the heck to even curl the hair. Once I got into a rhythm however, it didn't take long until my hair was all curled :)

The pictures I've included are to give you an idea of what the curls look like, and I am very aware that these are not the greatest pictures ever. You try taking photos of the back of your own head. 

I like it! 
There are a few caveats to using this method of hair curling:

1. You are more likely to burn your fingers multiple times as you have to wrap your hair around the barrel and then hold it still while it curls. Maybe this is not how you're actually supposed to do it, but this is how I did, and I have the burned finger tips to prove it.

2. You have less control over how the curls will turn out, which is both more fun and challenging. If you're looking for a picture perfect head of curls, use a normal curling iron. But if you're happy with a more loose and less organized 'do, I think this might work for you.

Ahh, I can feel my creative insides loosen and breathe. Go ahead and try it out!

(I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I'm not a thief and so will direct you to this wonderful beauty blog I've recently found - This blog is done by three ladies, one of whom is Lauren Conrad, and they share all sorts of good hair and makeup ideas.) 

Oh, and by the way - LETTY IS ALIVE!
I am very happy to report that our dear lettuce is alive and thriving once again. A few days of watering and he's perked back up. Ok, Letty, I take back all those mean things I said about you being weak and I'm so happy you're growing again. YAY LETTY.

Well, now that my hair is curled and I've blogged and wasted sufficient time, I'm certain I'll be more productive now and will start studying.

Maybe with a latte.

Heck, what am I saying, of course with a latte.

More on baby birds and Ultimate Frisbee to come!

A latte love,



  1. baby birds?? Love this idea I wish my hair would curl for me! how did you get the well behaved hair of the family?? xoxo

  2. So does it work better than it did as a curling iron?